Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alpha Female

When we think of the alpha female, the first image is the black leather clad hunter slaying vampires and other supernatural beings.  Well for me my alpha female is more based in reality.  My heroine runs an international charity and makes six-figures, owns her apartment and can buy herself all the designer stuff she desires.  That doesn't mean she's too tough to want a man.

My heroine, Brooke Adams, makes all the same mistakes when it comes to love--picking the wrong man and lusting after the hero, the family's enemy. That just makes him that much more delicious.  And let's not forget her secret baby.

For me the modern independent woman sees her femininity as a powerful tool and uses her brain and still slaps on some lipstick.  This woman, most of us, is the true alpha female.

So she's not staking vampires but she's bringing men to their knees with her business smarts and her killer body.  The one thing she has that does kill.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doing it for the First Time...

Not that first time, dirty minds.  My first conference.  On Friday, I will be one of the masses attending the NJ RWA conference.  I can't wait :) Cliche, yes I know but it's exactly how I'm feeling.  I'm nervous, excited and wondering if my outfits will look good.  I've heard nothing but great things about this conference and my chapter mates emphasize the need for me to attend. 

I'm a seasoned traveler, thanks to the Air Force so packing isn't a problem. Hopefully, my energy levels won't drop until it's over.  But this one is for me to lose my conference virginity so when RWA national conference arrivals in the Big Apple in June I'll be prepared for the craziness that is.

So, I'll be attending great workshops, meeting new people and pitching my category romance.  With crossed fingers and hope, this conference will be a wonderful one.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

When I Was A Young Girl

When I was a young girl, my mother encouraged me to read and purchased anything that had a written word.  Magazines were reading materials I received monthly.  At the time, there weren't many books that spoke to a pre-teen or teenager girl. 

Well, I fell in love with magazines.  Still till this day, I pour over my magazines.  I subscribe to Vogue--the love of my life--Vanity Fair, Glamour, Cosmo, Marie Claire, GQ, Writer's Digest and Romantic Times.  
Even now, I know the days when they are or should be stuffed into my mailbox.  I read them from cover to cover and even the Editor's Letter. 

My favorite magazine in the world is VOGUE.  I must be the only person in the world who would be utterly thrill that I would jump for it if I were to meet Anna Wintour.  I love her.  Each month she and the Vogue team produce a product that take me away to a stylish planet.   Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw said she purchased Vogue before food since she thought it fed her soul.  I agree. 

Much of publishing is becoming digital, I implore the publishing beings not to take away the printed word.  I love the shiny feel of the vivid photos.  The way the pages curl up and the quick snap as I flick the pages.  So, please until you can recreate the reading-magazine experience, keep on printing them.  I'll keep on reading them. Since I received my Vanity Fair and Cosmo.  Tah-Tah.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In the Eye of Research

I'm currently revising my category romance novel.  Act 1 had to be completely written and two scenes required a new fabulous location.  Lucky for me, I live in a city that people all over the world would die to live in--New York City.  So, I decided to set this scene in the Guggenheim. 

It had been years since my last visit to this tornado shaped museum.  After paying my admission, I craned my neck back and looked at the skylight and I had one thought, it isn't as big as I remembered.  Luckily the art was still as good.  The exhibition was Chaos and Classicism.  Focusing on the return of classicism in all art forms after the end of WWI to the begin of WWII. 

In today's world the topic is relevant.  The US is winding down its presence in Iraq and both Afghanistan and terrorism has changed our world and the eye we view it out of.  I wonder what artists will grasp hold of to define this era.  It's human nature for us to look to understanding of the chaos in the world and to look at the old times as the good ole' days. 

For my novel, the Guggenheim is the set for the first kiss between my hero and heroine.  The white walls of the museum are perfect for this step in the romance.  Nothing to distract them from their attraction and with nooks that are the perfect spots to steal a kiss.  Art is about passion and not better place to set two characters desires to a simmer so it will soon boil over. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Women Have Too Many Shoes?

Men out there might be interested to read this blog post.  They have wondered why women have hundreds of shoes to go with their two feet.  The question has perplexed them and those pesky things have shoved their belongings from the closet.

The answer is quite simple.  It's heredity.  Many centuries ago when humans were cave dwellers and man hunted, women gathered.  We ladies got together with our baskets [ancient purses] tucked in the crook of our arms and when off to gather.  While we strolled about the fields [ancient stores], we filled the basket with fruits and vegetables.  We didn't return with one apple or an ear of corn.

Nay, our arms were loaded down with succulent food whereas nowadays shopping bags fill that primal urge.  So men don't complain about our countless pairs of shoes, in the past we wouldn't have returned to the cave with one fruit.  Our natural instincts are rearing up to be answered the same way Xbox answers yours.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Many Choices...

Kindle...iPad...Nook and many other e-readers I don't know the names are out in the marketplace and more to follow with the increasing e-readership. The choices can seem overwhelming with options and preferences.

I took the e-reader plunge and purchased the Barnes & Noble's Nook.  In comparison to the Kindle, the most popular option on the market, there's not much difference between the two from price [$259] to book price [which varies depending on the book].  Like much in life, my choice came down to personal desires. 

With the Nook, I liked the touch screen * and the weight and feel of the gadget in my hands.  I didn't get the chance to test out the Kindle before buying.  However, there were a few more things about the Nook that clinched it for me. * touch screen shown picture below

Time for confession--Instead of shoes in my closet, mine is crammed with books from floor to ceiling and four mass-market paperback deep.  I purchase a great deal of books.  So I need something that can hold a lot.  And both the Nook and Kindle hold the same amount of books [1500 books].  With the Nook, though, I can add memory with a Micro SD card like the one used for digital cameras.  The extra memory will certainly held me with my living space.

Another reason I love my Nook is because I can replace the battery.  As every knows rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold the charge.  So I won't have to worry about the battery being useless while the thing still works. 

All of us have lent books to our family and friends.  The Nook has a Lend Me option.  When you lend out a book, you can't read it until the person "returns" it or 14 days later.  I haven't lent anyone anything yet but the option sounds good.

The final thing I like about my choice is that Barnes & Nobles have store locations.  I can walk into any B&N and browse the stores.  I love strolling the stores and seeing what is new out there instead of going through pages of online content.  Finding a good book in the store is like a treasure hunt that I don't want to lose. 

I'm very happy with my Nook.  I would recommend it to anyone.  But much like other choice, it's up to you.  I hope I helped with a choice is necessary. 

Happy readings, all!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Friends have a way of changing your life.  I can't image my life without Liz.  The girl who always has me laughing and worrying sometimes but I know she'll always get it together.  Or my writers friends who understand the ups and downs of writing and make me feel like I found a place.  And the friends that were lost or faded away, they've each touched my life.
But I was wondering about the friends I would like to have.

1. Johnny Deep: Besides being great eye candy, there's an  intelligence that I love about him. I think I might see the world different if  he were a friend.

2. Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately:  She's funny and fun.  The closest I hang with her are through with her books [can't wait for Chelsea Bang Bang] and her 11 pm show on E!

3. Karl Lagerfeld:  The man is a genius, designing for Chanel, Fendi, and his own line, as well as a photographer.  A true artist genius in two art forms I love the most. 

4. Jackie Collins:  Because I love her and she's one of my idols.  I would love her to mentor me in writing. 

5. Victoria Beckham:  I've always liked her and I just bet there is something more to her.  And as a fashion designer, I can get clothes. Maybe borrow one of her many Birkin bags.

6. Tina Fey:  The woman's funny and smart.  She's the person you can just sit back on the sofa, munching on Cheetos while watching Kendra.  Sweats mandatory! Laughter always.

7. Pink:  The woman ROCKS!! If I hadn't been a fan since her first album I would have been after that Grammy performance.  She writes her song, which she pours her heart into.  Her voice and talent is long-lasting.  Love a tough woman who doesn't lose her femininity.  And my favorite color is Pink. 

8. Amy Poehler:  She get you in a little bit of trouble-- not the need-to-get-bail-out kind but you might be banned from a few bars.  Each of us need a friend that will push to enjoy life. And to think when you need a friend to lean on, she show you the fun side of the life.  She'll have your back.

9. Graham Norton:  The funny Irishman is the best. Hey I love to laugh.  He'll say something raunchy and probably blame it on you.  But you'll be snorting your drink through your nose so you won't care.

10. Eli Roth:  One reason only--friends sometimes fall in love.  Could it happen between us. Fingers crossed.  The man wrote Hostel [some can't take the gore] but to have a man that looks that good and likes to write.  Sounds perfect to me.

Looking at this list, I have a few friends that fit each reason why I picked these celebs.  Crazy.  Which celebrity friends would you like?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl...Puppy Bowl--The Blending of Two Things I Love

I love football and puppies and Animal Planet blended them to make the cutest TV event.  I ooh-ed and aahh-ed through about two hours of television.  Last night, after I watched the Saints march over the Colts I tuned into the Puppy Bowl.  I cooed at the cutest starting line-up and chuckled at the Kitty Half show and got a Hamster View from the blimp manned by Hamsters [thankfully there's autopilot]. 

Watching this fun  speaks to both the girly side of me that loves all things soft and fluffy.  But also my human side that loves our best friends.  Yesterday, was a Shepard Mix [with a Rott] named Carson who looked like my dog, Trouble.  My baby had a huge personality and a love for food.  Cancer took him from me and I miss him everyday.  When I watch the Puppy Bowl, that hole in me is filled, a connection is made.  After all, we evolved and thrived thanks to dogs.  I don't anyone that has had their life impacted by an animal whether a cat or dog, bird or anything one existing out there. 

We have to treat our animals better.  So spay or neuter your animals, help out a rescue center by donating time, food and if your searching for a dog, save one.  They are our best friends [I include cats too], I think it's time we be theirs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday, Erica Kane saved my life...

Much like other people, I was raised watching soap operas. Through college when I should have been in class or studying, I wasted my time watching All My Children. After a few years, I finally beat my addiction and ceased stressing out and grumbling back at the television. Yes, I found my sanity.

     But since Thanksgiving, I've returned to watching my favorite soap. And it has saved my sanity. Books have always been an escape along with writing but with the craziness surrounding us, I wanted another time where the real world ceased. So, I returned to Pine Valley. The tension filled story lines helped me see conflict better and helped improve my writing. Can I write off a state of the art television as a writing expense? Just joking IRS. Also, it's the best trip outside the library or the real ones that involves going through security.

I proudly admit it--I've fallen. For now, I have no plans to wean myself off. After all, the crazed world of Erica, Adam, J.R. and Tad are helping me keep my sanity.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sexy Geek...Not as Elusive as believe

Many variations of heroes exist within the boundaries of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The first one studied is the SEXY GEEK.

You might spot this man with his glasses, the latest gadget, and a dog-eared book* tucked in his pocket [*may be a computer mag].

His personal style can be wide ranging from Star Trek T-shirts, untucked button-down shirts to crewneck sweaters.  However, he possesses an easy style that isn't necessarily sloppy. 

This man pursues intellectual pursuits include reading, artist endeavors or various other disciplines that include the sciences.  If this lovely man is snagged and tagged, your days would be filled with mind-stimulating conversations or perhaps just plain old fun.  The nights would include curling up with a book, you in a T-shirt and him in his boxers that show off his fit physique [since he knows the importance of caring for his body] and when he slips off his glasses and places them on the bedside that's when the lovemaking begins.  After all, he is SEXY.

The Sexy Geek can laugh at himself [see below video] and display emotions that women seek without being clingy or weak.  He helps you develop and grow as a woman.  You are stimulated in every way that matters to a heroine.  It's very likely that you will learn something new.

The best way to approach the Sexy Geek is with a simple hello when found in Apple Stores, bookstores or coffeeshops though the latest fashion is to be the Sexy Geek, you might find an impostor. However, there are many to be found within the world.  

Examples of these SEXY GEEKS

James Franco--UCLA graduate and now enrolled in Columbia.

Matt Damon-- Harvard University, Academy Award Winner for GOOD WILL HUNTING and 2007 People's Sexiest Man Alive

Zachary Quinto-- Graduate of Carnegie Mellon and this generation's SPOCK

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Post

     I've been lax with my postings, not having written one since Halloween.  I would like to say that I didn't have the time but the truth was I didn't have the heart.  Since my grandmother's death in October, my juices needed to be recharged.  However, I don't think grief was the only reason because stories still raced through my head.  I can't really pinpoint why I didn't give my blog the attention it deserved.   The worst part of this whole ignoring-my-blog-thing was that I vowed when I started not to let it fall forgotten on the roadside of the super highway.

     So much for that.

     However, it's a new year and a new look for my blog.  Does that mean that I'm changed?  No way in cyberspace.  For me, midnight came on Jan. 1 and I felt that rush of emotion at the new year and the hope and promise that awaited and bittersweetness at what had been left behind.  Then a couple hours after midnight [as I stayed up watching Doctor Who] the air around me felt like any other day.  So this year, there will be no resolutions.  I refuse to start the year trying to change who I am or making useless vows that will be forgotten by January 6.

     I'm just going to keep being me.  After all, I have people in my life who love me just the way I am.  [Much like Mark Darcy loves Bridget Jones] Oh, I'm still going after my goals and will make them happen.  But I'm not going to start exercising.  I'm not giving up chocolate.  I'm not going to go to church every Sunday. 

    If you, dear reader, have someone who loved you before Jan 1, forgot those damn resolutions because love is never wrong.  Be you! 
[Me as an M&M.  Yes, I'm wearing UGGs on the beach.]