Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Women Have Too Many Shoes?

Men out there might be interested to read this blog post.  They have wondered why women have hundreds of shoes to go with their two feet.  The question has perplexed them and those pesky things have shoved their belongings from the closet.

The answer is quite simple.  It's heredity.  Many centuries ago when humans were cave dwellers and man hunted, women gathered.  We ladies got together with our baskets [ancient purses] tucked in the crook of our arms and when off to gather.  While we strolled about the fields [ancient stores], we filled the basket with fruits and vegetables.  We didn't return with one apple or an ear of corn.

Nay, our arms were loaded down with succulent food whereas nowadays shopping bags fill that primal urge.  So men don't complain about our countless pairs of shoes, in the past we wouldn't have returned to the cave with one fruit.  Our natural instincts are rearing up to be answered the same way Xbox answers yours.


  1. So that's why I love shoes! What a cool and useful excuse to buy more shoes. Survival, baby, survival.

  2. Very amusing post, Mageela, and quite insightful! I don't fit the mold, though. I hate clothes shopping and searching for comfortable, not-too-ugly shoes for my wide size 6 feet is not easy! My late husband, on the other hand, was the clothes-horse in the family. I was grateful that after he died, I was able to give his 6 brand new, never worn pairs of shoes to a friend. The other 34 pairs went to charity -- along with about 40 shirts, 50 ties, etc, etc, after the family picked through them. And no, I am not exaggerating! I dream of a personal shopper who will do all the "hunting and gathering" for me.

  3. LOL! So funny, Mageela. While shoes aren't necessarily my first pick when I'm shopping, I do usually come home with more than one purchase :) I heart shopping! LOL!

  4. Mageela, Cute post answering that age-old question. Now I have an excuse when I spend time at the sales! Karen K.