Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday Woman

We did and still doing it!
It has been a while since I chose a Friday woman. For my new followers, I pick one woman that inspires me. This week I had a hard time deciding on one. So, I decided that one wasn't enough that i had to pick every single woman that has come before us as well as those who are here now.

Women haven't had the easiest path in life. From being accused as witches, harlots, doxies or golddiggers to queens and ladies--of the proper kind. We have gone from tribal leaders, to gods to chattle, property of man either father or husband, to being incapable of handling our money or excising our right to vote. Us ladies have been though a great deal and accomplished more.

We are now free to work for our pay, own our homes, inherit lands, have one-night stands or have a man put a ring on it.

As a woman, I know the ups and downs of our sex and I take pride in what we have accomplished in our everyday lives and our steel spines that are encased in velvet. One truth I know is that


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