Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Scene Checklist

I must confess I'm a plotter. Currently, I'm plotting for NaNoWriMo. One of the books I love is the Weekend Novelist's and this is a great blog post. So click on the link and plot a little.

A Scene Checklist

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pan Am

With the premier of the ABC's new show Pan Am, my memories have come flashing back of flying. See I had flown Pan Am among many other airlines, actually most that were in business and the old favorites that are still are.

When I was a child, flying was an experience and Pan Am was the airlines to experience it on. Whether in coach or first class when you flew Pan Am, it was considered the grandest of all airlines. Back then passengers received an airlines bag, wings, playing cards, a coloring book and crayons, snacks, drinks, and trips to the cockpit.

All those passenger treats have vanished, along with the leg room we once enjoyed. As for the cockpit trips for kids a no-do for years and especially post 9/11. I lost my collection of wings, the cards have gone and my airlines bags have vanished, lost in time. And now with the show, I get to relive all my memories when I was off on adventure when flying was an experience, a fun, magical one when the world was safer and when possibilities seemed endless. And the show reminds me of those feelings.

However those memories are not reasons I like the show. I must admit that I would have been a Pan Am flight attendant if I had been born back in the 60s. One of the few positions for women who didn't marry or wanted to have more that the MRS. To travel the world when the American dollar could have and did get you anything you wanted. As an Air Force Brat if I spent more than a year some place, I was ready to move on, always questioning when we were leaving and wondering where we'd end up. Germany, Spain, Texas, Alaska... so many places to see. Aah, my wandering spirit.

But also, Pan Am, the Show, reminds me of the history of this world and country.  We've come a long way and lost some very good things about our country.  For me, Pan Am has another meaning.  Back in 1988, Pan Am 103 was the victim of terrorists, killing 270 people crew and passengers.  When I went off to college, Syracuse University was where I headed too. thirty-five Syracuse students were lost, returning to the States from their study abroad.  I remember standing in front of the memorial with Hall of Languages looming over as I read each name and looked around the green campus and thought of them walking around and me in now in their steps. 
Place of Remembrance at Syracuse University-- Hall of Language in foreground

I think back now and I realized that an airlines played a part in my life, one I only realized now.  The show reminds me of that by helping me remember my life and the lessons I've learned, the experiences I had and how the world changes.
Is there any show, movie or book that has reminds you of the past by showing you connections, you might have never remembered?