Monday, March 5, 2012

Mageela's Rules to Coloring

As a child I had my favorites. I loved strawberries and still do. I couldn't go to the beach without running right into the water. I stuffed my mouth with M &Ms until the candy coated shells melted in my mouth and dripped out the corners.  One another one of my loves was my Crayola crayons.
My Artist Tool and Obsession
For me, they were magic. I had the 64 box with the built-in sharpener in the side. I spent hours coloring, especially since I was a sick child and couldn't play outside a lot of times.  One childhood memory from my Florida days was when for some crazy child idea, I decided that my crayons needed some "color." I placed them on the windowsill in summer Florida light. Hours later, I returned to color and found them a blob of wax and paper. I wept as if they had died. As an adult, I imagined the screamed "I'm melting" in that wicked witch voice.

I loved my crayons. I loved them so much that I had rules when it came to coloring with me.

Rule #1 - you can't press hard.
   I never liked the perfect point rub down into that flat round tip that couldn't get into those little sections of the art.
   At my age, I keep my pencil tip sharp like a rapier and never let it to dull. Yeah, a little crazy (ssshhh, don't tell anyone)

 Rule #2
   Do not sharpen the crayon. I didn't care that a sharpener was built in. It never worked right, getting that point that when it was brand new. The crayon was never the same. As daddy's little girl, I forced my father to purchase me new ones.
   Thankfully, I lost that. Is that age, having to work for my own money or maybe because I no longer color.

   Don't rip the paper off.
   See rule #2. It ruined the crayon. And dad had to get me new ones.

  Don't press hard.
  The perfect point would be ruined. And then dad had to get me new ones.

  Stay in the lines.
 In my life from my name to my dorkiness, I've never been cool and I'm open to new experiences. I love beauty. And there was nothing beautiful about coloring outside the lines. Since it was my coloring box - because I never used anyone's tools but my own - you had to follow my rules.
  I can still be controlling. And I'm NOT changing.

What was your favorite toy from your childhood? Please share.  I can't be the only one confessing...I mean SHARING!