Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wednesday Review

Anyone who has an association with books, publishing, business, authors and readers are talking about Border's shutting down. Some people swear that publishing is dying. Can't you hear the book business gasping for air? I can't.

The business is changing.

How will the business be once the storm settles? That I don't know. Sheesh, if I knew that I would be racking in the dough. The business model will change however people will still read and write. It's in our DNA. Our forefathers sat around the fire and shared tales and others drew on the cave walls. We all sit up when someone says I got a good story or when someone tells us this book is great.

So, Border's will be no more. Sure, the market collapsed and like people realized that during the good times they purchased houses they couldn't afford, dealt with foreclosure and other such things, businesses such as Border's dealt with same fiscal problems. Rough times will always reveal bad business practices. Sure the economy added to the dilemma with people keeping cash in their pockets. Added to that is the business model is changing, ereaders, self-publishing, e-publishers.

But people will always read. It's just too sad that some people will be unemployed and Border's won't be around. I'll miss the store. My favorite on 57 street and Park Avenue closed months ago and now this one.

How do you think publishing with evolve? What is the Pros and Cons about the change in the industry? Is there a store that you miss?

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