Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wednesday Review

In the August issue of The Writer is an article, "Use Your Camera as Your Notebook" written by Tanya Egan Gibson.

The article explains how taking pictures from everything from light or sky, a dress a character might wear, or a chair the villain might sit in, all can be used to help during the moments when setting slips from being visualized in your mind's eye or when you wish for a new detail. She recommends creating a notebook of settings and information that can't be photographed then organize those pictures for present and future reference.

I must say that this is such a simple thought that I should have thought of it. And I'm not one to take pictures though my cell has a camera. I always remember that info after everything has died down. But today, I've been clicking away at the sky, sidewalk, building and the various times of day as the sun striking the glass. Details that would bring something new and fresh to my writing.

I know it's going to be great fun, walking through the city and clicking away then exploring the different details I might have missed. A new discovered in a place where I'm jaded by the sights. Now everything seems fresher.

I hope you pick up the magazine and read the article. And if you have any tricks you use for setting or other character details, please share?

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