Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Review

At the 2011 RWA Nationals, I took a dialogue workshop from Molly Harper. Well, I laughed and scribbled notes. She offered great advice that was brilliant in it's simplicity. During the book signing, I dutifully stood on line and received my autographed book of How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf.

Last week, I cracked it open and started reading. Mo Wenstein moves from the hot, humid south to crispy, cold Grundy, Alaska. Her neighbor is Cooper Graham, a man who growls at her, which is appropriate since he's a werewolf.

However, people have gone missing and when their bodies have been they've been ripped apart and eaten by wolves, large wolves. Is Cooper the culprit? Mo doesn't believe so.

I found the book a frothy, fun read that works like Calgon bubbles once did, it takes you away. I like Mo as a heroine. This heroine feels like a friend and you're listen to her gab like girlfriends do.

If you like chick-lit then pick up this book or werewolves then this is one for you.
I liked the breezy tone and the character depth of the heroine and hero even the secondary characters. A hairy Northern Exposure.

This novel is first person Point of View (POV). I wish I had gotten Cooper's POV but that's my personal preference nevertheless this story works and pulls you in so you can have a rocking good time.

So out of four chocolate bars, I give it three chocolate bars. Why chocolate bars instead of stars? One reason and one reason only, chocolate is delicious, sweet and a treat just like books.

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